Indonesia is a land of adventure, beaches, culture and a famous destination among travelers and backpackers. Water activities and especially diving are a core activity and Indonesian’s reefs and biodiversity are known to be pristine and among the best on our blue planet. Across more than 5000 km and more than 17 000 islands, the country has much to offer to anybody willing to travel to the unknown.

But beside the amazing reefs and numerous fishes, sharks and other marine critters, Indonesia is becoming a major destination for an other scuba diving related activity : CAVE DIVING.

When hearing about this activity, people tend to think about Mexico, France, Bahamas, Belize or Thailand. Well now you can count Indonesia in! After many years of exploration, surveys and data mining, we decided to start the first full cave diving training facility in Indonesia.

.Indonesian Karst Landscape covers a surface equivalent to Nicaragua. After thorough studies of the geology we decided to start our exploration in the province of Sulawesi Tenggara (South-east Sulawesi) in 2016.  Helped by local population, we unraveled hundreds of caves and kilometers of underground water. We are now ready to bring any cave diver willing to travel to our wonderful land for fun cave diving our well known caves. And we can’t wait to bring the most adventurous cave divers for explorations!

If you’re not trained yet don’t worry. We offer full training from cavern level to Technical Full Cave Diver. Cave diving is a risky activity and our instructor will slowly and safely lead you to be able to discover this amazing underground world.  You will be among the first humans to lay eyes on these beauties.

Our caves are spread all across the Sulawesi Tenggarra province. Depending on your level of experience, and how deep into the remote Indonesia you’re willing to travel, we have the cave that will fit your needs.



Cave diving exploration technical diver sidemount freshwater cave in Pulau muna. Cave Entry in Wakatobi. Cave diving in indonesia. Pulau Buton or Wakatobi, Sulawesi.

Wakatobi is an arquipelago of 4 main islands and come for WAngi-wangi, KAledupa, TOmia, BInongko (WA-KA-TO-BI). This destination is becoming popular amongst travelers, backpackers and nature enthusiasts for its pristine coral reefs, crystal clear blue water and unspoiled nature.  Being one of the first national park of Indonesia, a lot of efforts have been made to protect and keep the islands authentic and clean. The authenticity and kindness of local people make Wakatobi an enjoyable and safe destination to visit. Moreover, Bajo People ( Sea Gypsies ) have choosen wangi-wangi as their capital and discovering their culture is a unique opportunity.

What people do not know is that the arquipelago is made of an old coral reef and the 4 islands sit on a limestone bed. Therefore, the rock being soft and porous, the fresh water infiltrates undeground and creates an extensive network of underwater caves. All the cities, are then built around these sinkholes that offer a surface access to the underground network, allowing local population and travelers to escape the burning sun and dip into fresh water.

For us divers, it is an incredible and inedite playground. Most of cave diving enthusiasts do not even know that Indonesia is a major cave diving destination.  In wakatobi itself we have explored dozens of caves in Wangi-wangi and Tomia and many more are still unexplored and available for the cave experts ready for a once in a lifetime adventure.

Caves in Wakatobi are mostly shallow, warm water, crystal clear visibility and very to access, making it a perfect spot to learn or refresh your cave diving skills. Moreover, the proximity of one of the best coral reef in the planet make available the possibility to organize diving holidays combining cave diving and amazing ocean reef diving.

Eventually you will fall in love with wakatobi: its nature, its lifestyle, its ocean and its caves makes a perfect destination for your next diving holidays.

Cave diving exploration technical diver sidemount freshwater cave in Pulau muna. Cave Entry in Wakatobi. Cave diving in indonesia. Pulau Buton or Wakatobi, Sulawesi.Buton island is the main and biggest island of the Sulawesi Tenggarra province (South-East Sulawesi). It is around 4200 square kilometers and is mostly covered by tropical forest. A limestone chain is traversing the island from north to south. Bau-bau, the capital city of Buton island is directly connected by plane to Makassar, making it a very convenient place to visit, and is the port of entry for all the hidden gem of this part of the region. Moreover, an extensive ferry network connects Bau-bau with many places accross Indonesia, offering a timely but very affordable way to travel and discover this beautiful country.

Sitting on a limestone bed, Buton and Bau-bau are covered with undeground caves, the biggest one being right in the middle of the city, offering divers and travelers a very convenient place to get started on your cave diving vacation before venturing further into adventures.

With all amenities you can find in a  big city, Bau-bau is definitely a good choice for cave divers that wants to explore the area but still need the comfort of a nice hotel and a comfortable stay.



Cave diving exploration technical diver sidemount freshwater cave in Pulau muna. Cave Entry in Wakatobi. Cave diving in indonesia. Pulau Buton or Wakatobi, Sulawesi.

Muna island, also named “Negeri Seribu Goa”, “the land of thousands caves” is a large island facing Buton Island on its west side. When you take the short ferry ride that cross the sea between Buton Island and Muna Island you are basically travelling to another world. Mostly unexplored and with no touristic infrastructures, Muna is reserved to the ones ready for adventures. Though, you will be rewarded by an incredible nature and hundreds and hundreds of caves yet to explore.

Our team have already explored more than hundred cave in the southern part area of the island and there are stll hundreds yet to be explored if you wish to take on the adventure. When diving to Muna we need to bring our compressor and tanks from the city as not any infrastructures are available on site. We usually sleep on site and drive, or walk through the jungle to find new spots to explore.

The cave diversity in Pulau Muna is unique in the world: from sea caves to fracture caves, passing by shallow maze-type dissolution caves or deep sinkholes, every cave diving enthousiast will find the cave that fit his or her needs.

We can accomodate any level of diving on this island, decompression, stage, trimix or deep ccr. Just name it and we will make it happens.



Sulawesi Sumatra Java Kalimantan Cave diving exploration technical diver sidemount freshwater cave in Pulau muna. Cave Entry in Wakatobi. Cave diving in indonesia. Pulau Buton or Wakatobi, Sulawesi.Being a member of the Indonesian Cave Diving Association, we actually engage in explorations in other parts of the world’s biggest arquipelago :

– Java.

– Sumatra.

– Kalimantan.

– Papua.

With more than 150.000km² of karst area in the country, Indonesia offers endless possibilities of explorations. Just contact us for more information and plan your next adventure in advance. 



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