Technical Diving is an advanced level of scuba diving that goes past the limits of diving we all learned in our recreational scuba diving courses.  Anything that goes below 40 meters, over no-decompression limits or has an overhead environment or special hazard can be considered as technical diving.

Technical diving requires a new form of training, more demanding and challenging than the classic recreational scuba diving training but also way more rewarding. It will open a whole new world to you, such as being able to venture deeper and longer and to dive where very few people have the skills and knowledge required to go. By using, special gas mixes, decompression mixes and specialized equipment you will  have almost no limit about where you can dive.

Technical diving is indeed a more risky activity, but with proper training, guidance and mentoring you will have the key to enjoy this new form of diving in an efficient and safe way. Technical Diving has to be taken seriously and those who venture into this new world are usually dedicated and passionate divers. Once you try you will get hooked up.

Sulawesi Dive Trek is the first and only Technical Diving school in Sulawesi Tenggara province and is proud to be fully equipped for that. If you’re new into Technical Diving we are proud to offer you the the whole range of training you need to achieve your goal. If you are already experienced we offer Technical Diving in amazing spots and deep walls where nobody have gone before.

Do not wait more and book your next Technical Diving training or tour with us.



 Technical Diving is available in all our locations, Baubau will offer you an amzing diversity of sites while Wakatobi National Park Deep Walls will offer you one of th ebest playground for any technical Diving, with virtually unlimited depths, no current, crystal clear visibility and arond one hundred dive sites, the possibilities are endless. Technical Diving is a fairly new activity in the Sulawesi Tenggara province, just a few divers have ventured that deep and that long, you will probably be amongst the first to dive there so do not miss this opportunity.

Our setup is improving day by day, we try to cather and accomodate every kind of diver by having all the equipment needed for a painless technical diving holidays : 

  • Full Technical Diving support with experienced guide / instructor.
  • Unique Location unspoilled.
  • No other divers around.
  • Possibility to combine cave and ocean
  • Medical grade oxygen for filling.
  • UHP Helium 99,999% purity.
  • Portable compressor Alkin W31 with triple filtration for remote trips.
  • Compressor Bauer Capitano in our Wakatobi location.
  • Hyperbaric chamber available in Wakatobi.
  • Painless holidays, we organize everything for you.
  • Access to unexplored sites that you will be the first human being to dive.
  • Ulimited Depth accessible 10 minutes from shore.




Never tried Technical Diving or want to improve your skill and level and upgrade your certification ? Consult our offer of technical diving courses with the first Technical Diving Center of Sulawesi Tenggara.



You are already certified in Technical Diving and just want to dive in any of our location with one of our certified technical dive guide ?